As I saId I will upload some picture that I like it, or I think it will be interesting to share and learn more about photography. Also you can find some photographs that can inspire you to create your own work.

Last day I had the opportunity to analasy this picture in class, but first is to know who take the picture.

Don McCullin, is an internationally known British photojournalist who was born in England. His more famous pictures were about the war but also had some incredibles pictures about the underside of society. I can say plenty things about McCullin but the most important now is this picture.

I choose this image, not only because I like it, also because this picture won the WORLD PRESS PHOTO in 1964.  This picture was taken in Cyprus, during the civil war between Greece and Turkey. The woman in the foreground, from Turkey, was mourning the death of her husband supported  by her son and her family.

Looking at this picture, we can see the different levels of action. The first plan of action is obviously a woman with that expression on the face of suffering supported by her family. Meanwhile, on the right, in the second plane of action, we see another woman who lost another person. And at the end of the picture we can see a couple of men who observe  the tragic scene. Definitely a fabulous composition.

The gestures in the face, the clothes, the woman's hands together with his son, the first plane to show us the suffering makes that the picture has an incredible strength, but if you also know the context you can know better the power of the image and finally you will know why it was a clear winner.