I´m not really into politics, and I do not want to get. However, I would make a small reflection for this time of elections. The same political parties with their shadows, corruption, injustice ... So many bad things we have heard so, how can we believe in them? I call to the people, and especially young people. We can change it. We can have the courage to give a steep, leaving behind the two political parties that have always the power, I do not say they are bad or good, but always the same? That cannot be. I recommend to everyone to see the program by Jordi Évole, SALVADOS. It comes to my head, the accident on the underground of Valencia, it is shamelessness, it is unethical all that happen without any responsibility. The people who died because the political powers did business with ADIF, the bussiness who manage the trains in Spain.  They didn´t do things correctly and after the accident happen, but what happened to them? Nothing. And what happened in the accident of Santiago? Anything. How much money wasted on high-speed trains that are empty, or how many reductions, or what happened with the case of Zaida sergeant who suffered the abuses of a superior. Nothing. Why the army is not changed?  Why has to be too conservative? Why did the government not support this person? Is that democracy?

And we still think that we have fear, we do not like the change. Please what happened with the justice in our country? Years and years to solve the problems, and the judge who has the courage to sit on the bench the powerful politics finally he is the injured. The big parties show their power when the judge is punished because he go against the highest power. Is the judiciary truly independent of the executive power?

The poverty grows, and honestly from abroad we don´t look great. Moreover, I couldn´t understand how we allow our PRIME MINISTER speak to us from a plasma TV. DEMOCRACY IS THAT? Please, do not be silly, change. We have the tools, it will not be easy but we will not let ourselves be dominated by whom we have already been stolen, who have played with our bread.

I do not say PODEMOS, or CIUDADANOS, or UPYD, no matter who is but change. No, it CAN NOT BE. I refuse to go on thinking that the Spanish society is so defeatist to continue believe on them. I still do not believe that the two last presidents of the government of Andalusia are accused, by drugs, by ... whatever it was the reason, they are CHARGED gentlemen! And who wins the elections? Again the same. I Respect the vote of all, if it's really what you want I accept it, but I wonder. Is this what you want? I refuse to believe that this is what you want. It cannot be. We can change it, we cannot be afraid. Then we complain of cuts, evictions, that justice is not equal for all, but how are you to complain if you are not going to vote and change the situation. Do not let them talk through a screen. The treasurer of the Prime Minister has an account with black money and "the president don’t knows nothing," and we're in our house without going outside to ask the president explanations.  So much fear we have?

No, do not say I am a revolutionary and don´t say that I do not have anything to lose. Let's face it, we go to the polls and be democratic. We decide if we want to be dominated or we want to dominate. I'm not saying go and vote for one or the other I´m telling you that we can change, we can play democracy, and for once time the power can go for another party and not for always the same people who dominate us. It's good that another parties have the power . However, it is not going to happen anything if you stay here reading this and do nothing. , Vote and decide who you want to have power. Do we REALLY want the CHANGE OR WE FEAR?