Siempre Junto a ti by Coque Malla (Always with you)

Today I bring something that makes me feel very happy. After a year that we recorded a short tribute to a person, and in homage to the great Coque Malla, I would like to explain you why we did this short movie. I recorded with the help, the immense luck and patience of a group of extraordinary people. People like Alba Copado, Mario Ucles, which are in front of the cameras. But behind the scenes I had the support of Raul Villaverde, Alejandro Sáez, Cristina Muñoz who collaborated with designs, lights, cameras and more people who were behind putting their two cents.

Moreover I wanted to comment in depth what is this short about, and how I feel the song. For me, the song is about how a "man" can always fight with a woman, how he cannot not understand her, how he can thinks that he is not the best for her but it doesn´t matter all because  he love her. As the title of the song said, always with you. Whatever happens, doesn´t matter, always with you.

There are a couple of line on the song that I love: you choose a dress that I gave you, you put your shoes, and do not look good. Now I do not regret it, now I know why I am always with you. On this lines he shows that maybe things go wrong, that maybe he can be wrong, that maybe they can not understand each other but it doesn´t matter because he loves her. Always with you. You bite your knuckles, I bite the wall. Now I do not regret it, now I know why, I always stay with you. I love the continuous affirmation at the end of the phrase I always stay with you. On my opinion, he shows that no matter what happen, or what the problems are. It does not matter that they fight, no matter what it is the problema, no matter who has the reason, I stay with you BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. Always with you.

I leave you with the unofficial videoclip, where  I try to show this video analysis. I hope you like it.