Review Bose SoundTouch 30 wireless music system (English)

Bose SoundTouch 30 wireless music system

What I can say about the Soundtouch 30, or about the 20 which is the same but with fewer specifications. It is very simple, it is not worth it to spend that money on this device.

Bose should improve a lot, and has to evolve. An obvious example is that the new Soundtouch version is the same, but only added Bluetooth. A new point but a great disappointment to the people who spend 350 or 600 pounds a year ago. They add only one thing that could have from a year ago. Moreover, it is not very attractive for the new public to spend all the money to have something like the last year but with Bluetooth. I accept that it was necessary and essential for the Soundtouch, but the big question is who is going to spend that money to add only Bluetooth?

I am very critical because I think Bose should improve and evolve. In a time where digital music it the most common way that people consume music, the Bose Soundtouch is not ready for that. Another apparent problem with that device is the app, awful is the definition. When you connect your Tablet, PC or Smartphone, you will need to have a lot of patience and time, and then you will not find any benefit. An application that after using during a long time I did not see the point of use. If you have Spotify, iTunes or another app like these you are not going to use the bose app.  

Soundtouch also has many barriers such as not having a port to connect your smartphone to the Soundtouch. Imagine that we have a party, and a friend comes to your home. If he has a song on his phone and is not on your computer or Spotify, it is almost impossible to hear. We would have to go to our PC, sync with iTunes, and then listen on the Bose. A complicated process that make this device incomplete. I say that example as I can say any song that you do not have on your mobile phone or computer.

However, something good the Bose Soundtouch has to have. Don´t worry there are many. For example, the quality of the sound is unquestionable and you can put the music on a very high volume that it never distorts. We must also say that the quality and the construction of the materials are excellent. The design is another important part, despite being a massive device, it is not ugly in any part of the house.

The conclusion is clear. The Bose Soundtouch is an excellent device in sound quality, in design, but in connectivity is just horrible. The key to have the success in this kind of device is the connectivity because you want to listen to the music that you have on your phone when we arrive from work, or when you are in the shower. However, with such awful app, and how difficult it is to connect the Soundtouch to your multimedia devices seems a difficult task. So my conclusion is to not buy this device and maybe look for a Sonos.