Marvelous Netflix. No, do not pay me to advertise, but for £ 6 allow you to see everything you could imagine no limits and no advertising, and all in HD. Incredible. A small, big, advice for anyone who wants to find a place to see everything you want for quality and excellent service. Also, you can enjoy with his app without any failure.


Focusing on the main reason for the post must say that it is an wonderful spin off. To not know that is a spin off, is to make a new series through a character in another independent series. In this case the lawyer of Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman.


Wonderful serie. For someone a bit slow for me is a gift for our eyes. Good dialogues, outstanding actors, all perfect. Especially Chuck's brother Saul. We get into his "allergy-crazy" and makes us feel even. Better Call Saul also has a wonderful cast of actors. Bob Odenkirk, in the role of Saul, which is outstanding. Moreover, we learn more from this character than when we could see him in breaking bad. Furthermore, we can observe all shades and lines of his character, from corrupted by money, greed, impatience or success to be rebuilt to be the fairest and hardworking, despite not ever losing its identity seeks lives.

Jonathan Banks, Mike, finally know something about the life of this man after we liked his character in Breaking Bad. An integral history, his past, showing us why his personality is like that. He also shows us everything about how he had to live, who is his family, and because of many questions he created us in Breaking Bad. Simply exquisite.

It also there are great actors like Kim Wexler, Michael Mckean (Chuck) and Patrick Fabian who are also make an incredible performance.

About Better Call Sall all that I can be said is more than good. Each frame it has to be stored in a museum for the light, composition, viewpoints... A masterpiece for our eyes and brain. All we expected a disappointment after the great level of Breaking Bad or something like, they shut their mouths. Definitely a separate series with brushstrokes to Breaking Bad. The story has an amazing body and always leaves us with a plot that is always resolved to the next chapter. A work of art for the eyes.

Definitely highly recommended by their actors, the argument, the production and especially because not disappoint anyone.