·        What is?

It is a meter steps, count how many hours you sleep and how many calories you burnt.

·        For whom is it intended?

For those who want a nice bracelet that measures the calories you burn walking or running and want to keep track of your sleep with an excellent battery. In addition, people who want to try this technology for a really low price and don’t want to stay next to a charger.

·        How work?

The xiomi mi band have a small device, which you can extract, and put in another bracelet. This device is the key point. It is which received all the information, since we start to walk or sleep, and after the device send all this information to the phone through Bluetooth. 

·        Advantages.

image1 (2).JPG

First of all, the price. Around 17 euros. Then, an excellent application where we can check everything on the phone very well detailed. No need to tell when we will go to sleep, it detects. In addition, the xiomi has waterproof and also you can choose another bracelet in different colour for just 5 euros, you always can look great. The lack of screen make that all the figures have to see through an application on the mobile (mifit), so make that the device can be use during 30 days without any charge.


image4 (2).JPG

The only way to know the notifications on the bands is by vibration and some leds colours that sometimes we cannot see. Then, at the first time it is quite complicate to connect the band with the phone, and you have to create an account with xiomi if you want to receive all the information of your work.



A device really cheap, less than 18 euros, we can keep track of what we sleep or walk and burn. Very good application who make us easy to know more about what we did. Always lots of details, we can know in which hour we walk, or at what time we went to the bed, or at what time we went to take water in the middle of the night, very good application. The only disadvantage is that it is quite complicate to connect with your mobile phone, and only work with Bluetooth. For some customer it will be a problem the lack of screen because they can see only the notifications through leds, which not always is good and sometimes is difficult to see. However, the xiomi mi band give you some vibration when they call you or in an important notification. You can configure all this specifications in the app, mifit.  Highly recommended and I very sure that no one will be disappointed.