After more than five years Kiko and Shara return. With David Santisteban on production, Kiko and Shara come to stay and be respected said in a recent interview with them.

But first, let us look back, what happened with Kiko during these years? The first should be remembered, it seems that many people forget that Kiko sold more than a million records. Gold records, platinum records and countless awards that define this artist.

He record two CDs, “Ahora” and “Cosas mías”, two albums that he said "I feel like I emptied my heart and soul" In my view, two disk where we can see the evolution of Kiko,  better production and more mature, letters with a background and a careful message. However, he did not get the same success, due in part to the crisis in the music industry, as with Kiko and Shara or in Los Caños, although with a personal success for did a well job he told us.

 I asked, why not a third album? He said that he is a person who is guided by feelings, and at this time he wanted to return to her sister. In his previous albums alone he show to the people his soul, and that he had to say many things alone. As a final point in this look back at the career of Kiko Gaviño we can emphasize that Kiko looked totally grateful to his audience in multiple answers and I could get a sentence like this that show how much love Kiko his fans: "The love that my public shows is all that I want"

 Shara recorded an individual CD and she revealed, "I did what I wanted and that makes me feel full" A mixture of various styles in his first individual album that it was a bit risky bet, she told us, "Who nothing ventured nothing gained, and I like challenges"

 "I want to have a good repertoire at that is the first" is the response when I asked if she will write some lyrics on the new album of Kiko and Shara, so we deduce that seems not. However, she claims to be excited and a little nervous for this new project, also she said that will surprise more than one.

About the future with Kiko and Shara she told us that their enthusiasm is intact and eager to surprise the audience.


The first new that they revealed to us, although we could imagine is that it is an unprecedented record.

Many questions had to make so I started with the basic Why Kiko and Shara come back? "We love the challenge of living what we left in the past" Despite they don´t want to reveal much, they prefer wait until the right time. They will continue providing news and dates on the release of the album. However, I have seen already that they are in the study and part of the disc is recorded.

The other question I asked was ¿You return to stay? "We came to stay and earn respect" It seems, the duo from Cádiz, don´t want to stay for a single album and a tour, return for more. A few weeks ago, they returned in a concert in his city, Cádiz. We saw as the public remains faithful and waiting for his return. 15,000 people were in their first concert after their separation.

From the hand of David Santisteban who will take care of production, they hope to innovate and evolve, they could only say that the new CD will work with best for them, and what they needed. So we can guess, that maybe Ismael Moya is working in the new CD and maybe some important collaboration.