I start a new section that I really wanted. Who has not imagined into the world of cinema, entertainment, or television.


In this section I will give advice, I'll teach you how you can enter the world of cinema and especially give you tips about this world. I have the opportunity to study at a university in England, one of the best in the field of the creative. Therefore, I have had the opportunity to study how people in England can become a filmmaker and also I had the opportunity to hear from Spanish people how difficult it is to know something about this field, or how they can introduced in it. From today this section will serve to introduce you, support you, and give you advices about how can you start and from where.

However, the first of all is to know what it is a filmmaker. As defined by the dictionary, is the person who is dedicated to the cinema, especially as director. So the question is are you really want to introduce into this world? If the answer is yes on, follow us.

In the coming days we will show you examples of how can you become a filmmaker with two example. First, as in England one becomes a filmmaker and as in Spain one becomes a filmmaker, the different paths.