In this post I come to show a little more about the music of my country. For people interested to know more about the flamenco. A typical art in the South of Spain with lots of passion.

So what is flamenco? Flamenco is dancing, singing and guitar music with an extremely passion. It is recognized by high emotional feel, intensity in their arm movements, by their fierce stomping, by his deep voice and strumming guitar. What is it the origin? Original from Andalusia, in the south of Spain. It is the result of a cultural mix: gypsy, Arabic, Christian and Jewish.

To understand a little more flamenco we will see some their most important subjects:

CANTAORES (singers): Although there is a long list of magnificent singers such as Manolo Caracol, Antonio Molina, Enrique Morente, Lola Flores, La Niña de la Puebla I recommend to dedicate them a moment. However, I decide to speak about Camaron de la Isla ¿Who was Camarón de la Isla? Camaron is considered one of the best flamenco singers of all time, renewing the style he helped, along with Enrique Morente, the rebirth of flamenco that was going through a serious crisis, transforming it from within, while respecting their most genuine essences.

GUITARISTS: As with the singers is a great list, from here I recommend some such as, Tomatito, Vicente Amigo, Manolo Sanlucar, Gerardo Nuñez but my opinion and for many, the greatest guitarist of flamenco, the marvelous Paco de Lucia. Paco de Lucia is considered one of the main figures of contemporary flamenco, he is attributed the responsibility for reform that led Flamenco to the international music thanks to the inclusion of new rhythms from jazz, bossa nova and music classical

DANCERS: Joaquin Grilo, Antonio Canales, Sara Baras.... The list is long but the choice is Antonio Gades. For some the great innovator of the Spanish dance and flamenco, for others, a social leader in a time when Spain dreamed freedom. He had in his back the recognition of having represented Spain at the Expo 1964 in New York, or in 1969 performed the choreography of El Amor Brujo with the Chicago Opera which represents in France, Italy, Spain, Japan, USA , Morocco, Argentina, among other countries with their own company, or even received the highest award of the Republic of Cuba at the hands of Fidel Castro.

That it is only a few things about flamenco, but if want to know more about music, singers, bands... Follow us!!