• What is it?

It is an external battery that can recharge any device with a USB port.

For whom?

For all those people who travel or have the need to charge any device throughout the day and have nowhere to plug it into current

• Why this and not another?

Aukey is a great brand and has an excellent price. Value for money is the best, it also offers two USB ports if you need to recharge your phone and your tablet at the same time or any other device. It is also lightweight and has a discreet but elegant design. Finally, the external charger has four mini LEDs that indicates how much battery has

• What is the meaning mAh 12000?

It is the charge capacity of the device. For example, a mobile phone has between 2500 and 3000 mAh, this means that the Aukey could recharge our mobile four times without reloading our external battery. An iPad has about 7000 so we could charge almost twice time the 100% battery of our table without any. The majority of the external batteries have 8000 mAh but the price difference with this device is not as we can imagine, about a 2 to 4 pounds.

• Benefits

There are lots of advantages. First, the price. No more than 14 pounds and allows us to be confident that during the day we do not have to worry about batteries for any device. The second, its portability, is light and is not very big, as you can see in the video, the relationship with an Iphone 5 is not very big. In a backpack, a bag or even in a pocket you can take it without realizing it. The third advantage is the dual USB input. Most external batteries has only allow you to place a device to be charged, while the Aukey offers two devices at once. Another advantage is the design, a discreet design in a metallic black. It also has four mini LED that indicates how much battery has to return the device to recharge. Finally, the las benefit its the large capacity, 12000 mAh, allowing us to charge our devices several times throughout the day.

 • Disadvantages

His younger brother, Aukey 8000 mAh, comes with a case and an excellent package, something that has disappointed me greatly. You spend more money, higher product quality and performance, but comes to you with no cable to recharge. You have to buy a charger for the Aukey, or you can charge with a cable of any Android device, any Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, whatever you have. Another thing I do not like is that after a certain time using the device you will see some scratch, so it is highly advisable to buy a cover.

 • Conclusion

If you are those kind of people who comes to the end of the day without battery on your laptop, on your mobile, tablet wherever, and you cannot afford it, this device is for you. For 14 pounds, you have an external battery with two outputs that allows you to charge two devices at once. Moreover, you have a great autonomy, 12000 mAh, allowing you to charge several times your device throughout the day without having to worry about discharge the device.