Hello everyone, today I bring a section of games. Here I show how I play some games where you can see on youtube and what it is my opinion about some of them.

I want to use this space to show one of my passions, video games, especially with friends.

Today I share the F1 2014 for PS3 that I'm playing with two friends. We have established the following rules to make the championship  more interesting:


1. We have to change the car depend on the level of the car. First level (Dani Red Bull, César Mercedes AMG and Alberto  Ferrari) we have to run three circuits as well as the second level, second level (Maclaren Mercedes Dani and César, and Alberto Force India),  low intermediate only two circuits (Toro Rosso for Dani and Cesar, and Lotus for Alberto) and worst cars is only one grand circuit (Marussia to Cesar, and Caterham Dani and Alberto)

2. One obligatory Pit stop

3. Points: the first 7 points, the second 3 points, the last 1 point, and if you leave 0.

4. The penultimate race the first 9 points, 3 points the second, and last 2 points. The last race the first 12 points, 4 points and 2 points to the second to last.

5. Five laps per circuit with one laps to decide the pole.

Now you can see the videos that I hope you enjoy. I know that the video I speak in Spanish but I only said that I hope that you enjoy and that you can find me here. At the end you can see the clasification.

AUSTRALIA                          MALASIA                      

7 ALBERTO                           7 DANI                          

3 DANI                                   3 CÉSAR                       

1 CÉSAR                                 1  ALBERTO  



                         1 . DANI CON 10 PUNTOS

                    2. ALBERTO CON 8 PUNTOS

                     3. CÉSAR CON 4 PUNTOS